Community Spotlight: Marlene Boyette of Leela Yoga + Wellness

Leela Yoga + Wellness Logo

Today we are spotlighting Marlene Boyette of Leela Yoga + Wellness!

Marlene Boyette (she/her/hers) is a the founder of Leela Yoga + Wellness, certified Children’s Yoga and registered Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, and a co-founder of Peace In Boston: an initiative focused on centering yoga instructors of color, bringing yoga to underserved communities, and prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion as acts of social justice within and outside of the Boston area.

Amplifying mind, body and playful spirit, Leela Yoga + Wellness is dedicated to a practice of wellness that uplifts and nurtures the joyous, playful spirits of adults and children through Sound Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga and its principals. Offering yoga sessions, sound baths, and movements & relaxation workshops, Leela Yoga + Wellness offers tailored experiences to meet the specific needs & interests for attendees of all ages!

To learn more about upcoming classes and events at Leela Yoga + Wellness, click here!

We are so excited to partner with Marlene at our upcoming Branch Out With C1: Tranquility and Tea for Superhero Moms. Join Marlene for an afternoon of holistic wellness inspired by Company One Theatre’s upcoming production of Black Super Hero Magic Mama at the Boston Public Library Roslindale branch.

Together, participants are welcomed to create an altar of remembrance and lasting love, and unwind with guided meditation, sound bath, gentle and restorative movement / stillness specifically designed for BIPOC mothers and caretakers, paired with a unique tea blend to take home and enjoy–created just for this event by herbalism artist Julissa Emile. Take an hour away from the demands of daily life to be in community with other mothers and caregivers and focus on YOU!

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