Community Spotlight: Wee The People & Hip-Hop Artist Paul Willis

From Wee the People

Up next in our Community Spotlight: Wee the People and Paul Willis!

Wee the People is a Boston-based social justice project for children ages 4-12. Launched in 2015 by two Black mothers, Wee the People organizes free, interactive workshops and events that explore activism, resistance, and social action through the visual and performing arts: music, dance/movement, theater, graphic arts, spoken word, and storytelling. Partnering with public institutions, community organizations, and Boston-based artists, Wee the People seeks to create high-impact, celebratory experiences that promote uncomfortable conversations parents often avoid with young children.

Paul Willis is a hip-hop artist, educator, and community organizer who values social justice and building community. Paul’s music reflects his personal narrative, the stories of his students, and a commitment to being a positive force. Willis works for 826 Boston, the nonprofit writing, tutoring and publishing organization that serves kids grades K through 12, inspiring the young people involved to share their stories fully and freely.

We are so excited to partner with Wee the People and Paul Willis at our upcoming Branch Out event, We Wear the Crowns: A Radical Celebration of Black Boyhood. Check out the previous post to learn more about the event series!

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