C1 Returns to The Boston Public Library! 

by Inda Craig-Galván
directed by Monica White Ndounou
in collaboration with American Repertory Theater, Boston Public Library, and Boston Comics in Color Festival

April 22 – May 21, 2022
Rabb Hall @ Boston Public Library’s Central Branch in Copley Square
All tickets are Pay-What-You-Want ($0 minimum)

“Impressively daring, the play escapes into a comic-book universe to better come to grips with an overwhelming — and all too real — American horror.” — LA Times

In all the books that Sabrina Jackson reads to her son Tramarion, tragedy’s just an origin story, something to propel the heroes into wondrous new worlds. When tragedy strikes in her own life, Sabrina launches herself into a fantastical, technicolor universe where she gets to be the hero. A high-flying adventure that refuses to be held down by the gravity at its core, Inda Craig-Galván’s Black Super Hero Magic Mama is a powerful refutation of the disproportionate expectations placed on Black mothers and their sons.

* * *

Company One Theatre is producing
Black Super Hero Magic Mama

• the urgent need for police reform, gun law reform, and the end of sanctioned violence on Black lives.
• care for Black women’s vulnerability within society’s pressure to be resilient.
• the communal healing that allows us to become the heroes of our own stories, and that serves as a balm to individual and collective grief.
• exuberant, joyful, and inclusive representation #fortheculture.
• community partners like the Justice Resource Institute, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, and Boston Comics in Color Festival, which are supporting impactful change on the ground and in our neighborhoods.